Embed PDF files in a web page (or show them in a new window / new tab) using the Google Document Viewer

Often PDF-files will not open in Internet Explorer if we just use the 'normal' PDF-URL in the address bar or in the iframe in which we want to embed the file. And often PDF-files are not readable on iOS, or only display the first page of the PDF-document.
These problems don't seem to occur if we use the Google Document Viewer for displaying PDF. Here's some useful code allowing us to use the viewer. Its only disadvantage is that it does not allow momentum scroll with iOS.

PDF embedded in static iframe (code and info here)

PDF embedded in dynamically generated iframe (click) (code and info here)

PDF in popup (desktop, laptop) or new tab (mobile devices) (click) (code and info here)

Arie Molendijk, mesdomaines.nu