YouTube without the clutter: CleanYoutube

This site contains all the info required to play cleanyoutube videos (= youtube videos without the clutter). Just enter a search term in the search box below, then hit 'enter' or click on 'Search'. This will produce a list of cleanyoutube videos corresponding to your search term(s) together with their URLs, which you can modify by adding parameters like &start=..., &end=..., &playlist=..., &info=. The page for directly playing cleanyoutube videos is here.

Cleanyoutube videos won't show ads, except when playlists are used (&playlist=...).

You can create your own site for playing and searching youtube videos without the ads/distractions by doing the following (the video-urls in the search engine will be automatically generated):
  • Create a new folder; call it whatever you like, for instance bla.
  • Create a file index.html and put it in bla. Source of the file: this source.
  • It's now possible to play youtube videos without clutter through http://yourdomain/.../bla. A possible url would be http://yourdomain/.../bla?v=NcdWma__l4M.
  • Create another new folder, name it cleanyoutube_search and put it in bla.
  • Create another file index.html and put it in cleanyoutube_search. Source of the file: this source.
  • This may not work if you test this locally (on your hard disc). But there shouldn't be a problem on the internet.
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